About Us

Say goodbye to the basic and mundane cup of coffee and say hello to coffee with gusto and personality.  Its time out for the old so let's bring in the new with Badge Brew!

Meet the Owner:  Michael Jones...This guy knows his coffee!    18+ years in law enforcement.   Connoisseur of coffee.  Dedicated to providing you with coffee that works as hard as you do!

Being in law enforcement for almost 2 decades, I've had my share of coffee! Over the years, as I traveled to exotic locations for vacation and sampled coffee from different regions, I began to notice the difference in coffee taste profiles compared to what I was used to. The coffee I normally drank paled in comparison to those made with higher quality beans and roasting processes.  My palate began to evolve as I discovered there was so much more a great coffee could offer.  The Badge Brew journey had begun. With research and exploration, I learned everything from coffee bean sourcing to roasting.  As coffee became a passion, I knew this was something I wanted to share with the millions of dedicated coffee devotees everywhere- a coffee company with solid bones and integrity. Thus, a new handcrafted coffee company was born.

Badge Brew Coffee Roasters provides our customers with a distinctive coffee experience.

It's our mission to honor each hard working individual for all the badges we wear in life.  In addition, a portion of our profits will always be donated to groups & organizations that help to bridge the gap between law enforcement and community.

We want to know..."What's Your Badge of Honor..."